Welcome to the German JETAA Website

The “Japan Exchange and Teaching” (JET) Programme, now in its 30th year, is aimed at promoting grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations. Many Germans have participated in this programme, as well, be it as a Coordinator or Assistant Language Teacher, to advance the relationship between Germany and Japan on a grass-roots level.

The JET Alumni Association (JETAA) has some 50 regional Chapters located across 15 countries: one is the German JETAA whose website you are just visiting. The German JETAA aims at supporting newly returned JETs, giving participants a forum for communication, exchange and keeping in touch with friends. In addition, the chapter wishes to further the promotion of Japan in Germany in the form of social events related to Japan, and the strengthening of ties built during the participants stay in Japanese communities.

This website introduces the German chapter and its activities while offering the JET alumni a platform for their exchange. JETs-to-be are also welcome and encouraged to ask questions about the programme.

If you have questions or remarks regarding the JET Programme or the chapter, feel free to give us a message via our contact form.